Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

Tracy has blood cancer.  Amy very much wants to donate marrow stem cells to her big sister for the only chance of a cure through a transplant.  But Amy cannot be Tracy’s life saver because they do not “match” closely enough.  Neither do their adoring brothers match with her.  Imagine if you were called upon to to save your sister’s or brother’s life, but were unable to do it.  This family is hurting right now.

We rely on the goodness and selflessness of our Filipino American friends to help.  You see, Tracy dad is Filipino (from Iloilo) and her mom has European lineage.   A match will most likely be found among those of Filipino or mixed Fil Am heritage.  No one presently in the National Marrow Registry of 11 million people is a match!!!  So Tracy waits and waits.  And takes more chemo.

Meanwhile, the one person who can save her is not aware of the awesome gift they hold within themselves.  Would you like to know if it is you?  Or someone in your family?  For those age 18-44, it is easy, painless and free to find out.  Just go to and get on the donor list.  Click on “join”, fill out a simple application and send for a free cheek swab kit in the mail.  Only 1 out of 540 people on the donor list will get the call that they are a match for a patient, and if that happens to you, it will be a moving, life-changing experience!  And LIFE SAVING for the recipient!!  Like the lovely young woman featured here.

Salamat and may God bless us, one and all!


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