1978, Ma-asin, Iloilo, Philippines

Daniel and Tracy Jalbuena with their beloved Lolo, Dr. N. Jalbuena, Sr.

Lolo was a country physician who kept his records on a notepad in his pocket and made house calls on a motorcycle.  Many times his patients paid him in chickens or were unable to pay at all.  He treated everybody who came to the door.  Lolo and sweet Lola loved their American grandchildren very much and would be so sad to know that Tracy has blood cancer and desperately needs a matching donor for a stem cell transplant.   Who would have thought that our blended lineages … Filipino and Irish-German … would one day limit Tracy’s very life?  The critical shortage of mixed race marrow donors is a public health issue for Asian and Filipino Americans.   Tracy, honey, I will not give up praying and searching for your life saving marrow donor!

Ever Lovin’ Mom

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