Videos to Share

Would you like to help Tracy find a bone marrow match so she can receive a life-saving allogeneic stem cell transplant?  If you are 18-44 and healthy, you could send a cheek swab to BeTheMatch.Org, a project of the National Bone Marrow Registry.  But please don’t stop there.  We desperately need to spread the word.  One simple thing you could do is to look through the YouTube videos below.  We’re making as many we can in a variety of lengths and styles.  Pick the one that speaks to your heart or your mind or your funny bone the most, and share it.  Send it to all your friends on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or by Email or text.  Ask your friends and family to add themselves to the National Bone Marrow Registry. You may or may not save Tracy’s life — but if we sign up 40 people, the odds are we’ll save someone’s life, somewhere.  Think of that.

Are you in?  Let’s get these videos out there.  Thanks. — James (Tracy’s husband)


The following video can’t be embedded on this website, but it is a great story told by Columbus, Ohio’s NBC Channel 4:

Columbus NBC4i: Minority Doctor with Cancer Needs Help Finding a Donor


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