Once upon a magical time, a young girl was loving life and growing in body and soul.  She was the eldest of four children born to a Filipino physician and an Irish/German nurse.  This young lady was determined and had carefully laid out plans for herself.  She then set out to accomplish those dreams.

Time passed.  She advanced in age and married her college sweetheart.  Two delightful children were born to the couple, during which time the young mother whizzed through medical school and residency training.

The family settled in a small village where the father became a college teacher and the mother an Emergency Room physician, caring for the townspeople in their time of illness.  Two years went by and the family nestled into village life, making friends and contributing to the health and welfare of the townsfolk.  As a village doctor, she was sought out and loved by patients and colleagues alike.

Suddenly something bad happened.  The doctor-wife-mother became very sick herself.  Strangely, she was not able to receive the best treatment for her illness simply because of her charming and rare Filipino and Irish/German background. Yes, a stem cell transplant would only be successful if a person of similar background agreed to donate a few stem cells from their healthy bone marrow to hers.  There was no one in the village or around the known world whose marrow “matched” the marrow of the young doctor.  No one to save her from the terrible sickness that had befallen her.

This is where the fairy tale ends.

Until someone of Filipino-American-European background is willing to be a hero and save the day!  Someone who can swoop in and rescue the young damsel through marrow donation.   No cape or super powers needed.  A few stem cells is all it takes.  A desire to do good and help a fair maiden.

#bethematch #match4lara #MissUniverseSavingTracy #PiaAlonzoWurtzbach    #swabnation #FilipinoAmerican #asianamericandonorprogram


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