There is one entity on the planet that has the power to change the course for very sick mixed heritage patients at this moment in time.  The Miss Universe Organization and Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!  The followers of Pia adore her, they attend to every word and follow every announcement with keen interest. She is a phenomenon!  Imagine what could happen if Miss Universe 2015 advocated for young people, especially of mixed race, to give of themselves by joining the bone marrow registry!

Pia is so lovely, humble and kind.  She is the perfect one, by virtue of her Filipino/German ancestry and her magnetic personality, to rally her fans to step up and save lives!  Pia herself might be a “match” for someone!  It would be a magnificent FIRST and go down in history as the ultimate selfless act by a Miss Universe!  Ever.

A quote from Pia,  “I am very persistent.  When I have a goal, that goal is fixed.  I don’t negotiate my goals! Be patient, work hard and don’t give up!”

These words strike a chord with me, because I have the same mantra.  I am Tracy’s mother and I am persistent and patient.  I will move mountains to find a life saving heroine for my daughter.  My goal is fixed, and that goal is to make a marrow transplant possible for Tracy and give her a chance to live!

I appeal to the Miss Universe Organization, and to Pia directly, to adopt bone marrow recruitment as a platform issue.  It is a natural “match”!

Pia + BE THE MATCH = Saving Lives

#MissUniverseSavingTracy                                                                     #MissUniverse2015                                                                                       #FilipinoAmerican                                                                                                         #fahm2016                                                                                                   #PiaAlonzoWurtzbach                                                         #AsianAmericanDonorProgram                                                                     bethematch.org



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