Media Kit

Friends, Interested Organizations and Members of the Press:

Thank you so much for visiting this website and learning about my experiences and the broader issues of blood cancers and the need for people to join the National Bone Marrow Registry.

If you would like to help spread the word, we have put together a media kit that you are free to use for press or non-profit purposes.  This kit consists of four resources:

A cover letter with general and contact information (pdf)

A press release with fact sheets (pdf)

Photographs (web link for download)

Videos (web link for streaming)

If you have in mind a way of using video material that would require remixing or raw footage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch; my family and I are eager to get the word out and would be glad to oblige any reasonable request.  If I may help you in any other way as we work together in this effort, please let me know.

With Sincere Thanks,

Dr. Tracy Jalbuena


One response to “Media Kit

  1. Dr. Jalbuena, my name is Lisa Patten, 50 year old married, mother of 2, living in Franklin, Maine. I have been on the National Bone Marrow Registry list since I was approximately 20 years old. I recently read your story on Facebook. Given the time sensitivity of your medical condition, I want to reach out to you personally. My husband, 51 year old, James Patten (born, James David Dayrit), was adopted as a baby. His birth mother is Irish/German, his father is Filipino, born and raised in Manilla. I am currently in the process of registering my husband in the bone marrow donor list, though he is slightly older than the maximum desired 44 year age limit. If you desire to contact us, or at home 565-2481, my cel 460-0942, Jimmy CEl 460-2009 or work both 667-1119, we own our own manufacturing business. May angels be with you. Sincerely, Lisa Patten


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