Soon it will be one year that we have been searching for a match, a marrow mate, for Tracy.   I feel like I have been walking around the streets in cyberspace wearing a sandwich board which says, “BE THE MATCH”.   For a year.

There is no limit to a mother’s love and this mom will not give up.   BE THE MATCH has made available to me a community engagement representative and a personal coach with whom I talk on the phone regularly.  The professional folks at BE THE MATCH take patients and families under their wings with comfort and advice while we wait for that sweet “match” for Tracy.  They are grand!!

Donors are treated with the same care and kindness.  Every consideration is given to donors when they are found to be a match for a patient.  There is no cost for them and BE THE MATCH has even paid for transportation, child care, pet sitting and any other need of someone who is so generous to give a bit of themselves for the life of another.  The experience is made as easy as possible. Each donor is a hero deserving of kid gloves and utmost respect.

To the followers of this blog:   Many thanks for loyally staying tuned, for sharing our plea and for participating in the search for Tracy’s very own hero!   Big kudos to those of you who have committed to being marrow donors by joining the registry; you are already life savers in my mind!

When our kids were small I used to tell them that there were little soldiers inside of them who needed really healthy food to take care of business in their bodies. Well, guess what?  Tracy needs some tough guy ‘Manny Pacquio’ stem cell soldiers to vanquish this #%/#*# myeloma!!   And she needs to borrow them from someone.  Manny, where are you?



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