1.  Donating bone marrow is very painful.

FALSE.  The OLD way of getting marrow from the bone was quite painful.       The donor had to have general anesthesia because the doctor removed           marrow from the hip bone.  Now, in most cases, it is a much EASIER procedure similar to giving blood or plasma.  The donor has an IV line in each arm while their blood flows through a machine which collects extra cells.  Usually the donor returns to his or her normal routine in a day or two.

2.  Donors are expected to pay something.

FALSE.  There is NO COST to become a marrow donor. *  BE THE MATCH covers everything!  They will even cover expenses that might come up for the donor.  BE THE MATCH has paid for transportation, child care, pet sitting or anything that might be a problem and prevent someone from donating.

3.  People who enroll in the National Marrow Registry are ready to donate to ANYONE at ANY TIME, not just for a particular patient.  

TRUE.  There may be a patient who desperately needs your matching donation anywhere in the country.   In turn, the person on whose behalf you got registered may find their match elsewhere across the nation!!  It is an amazing network which connects all of us in generosity and kindness to save lives!  Very cool!

4.  Donor and patient must be of similar ethnicity in order to match.

TRUE.  A transplant will only be successful for the patient if there is a “match” between patient and donor.  This match will occur when both are of similar ethnic background.  Minorities are under represented in the National Marrow Registry.  Patients of minority and mixed minority heritage may have great difficulty finding a suitable match because of the scarcity of donors.

5.  I am busy and it takes too much of my time and attention to get on the donor registry.

FALSE.  It is easy and quick to get on the donor list.  Just go to, fill out a simple health questionnaire and sign up.  Sure, if you are called upon someday to donate, if you are a “match” for someone, then a little of your time and effort will be required.  TO. SAVE. A. LIFE.  Who gets an opportunity to save a life?  Not many people have the privilege of sharing a bit of themselves so easily to rescue a hurting brother or sister.

Congratulations … A+ for taking this quiz!!  Now that you know how easy it is, just do it!

*small cost for age 45-61 to register, everything else covered in full


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