Dreams Come True

Dear Miss Universe 2015,

You show the world what it means to be beautiful, inside and out.  You carry yourself with grace and poise, even under unexpected pressure.   Confidently beautiful with a heart!  The lovely, compassionate Filipina is the pride of her country mates.  A dream has come true and now you embark on a time of new experiences and service.

Dear Pia, it will be your privilege and honor, by virtue of your God-given beauty and talents, to serve humanity.

I am a woman with a dream in my heart, as well.  My daughter, Tracy Jalbuena, needs a hero to save her life.  She has blood cancer and is desperately in need of a stem cell/marrow transplant to survive.  There is no “match” for my precious Tracy because of her unique heritage of Filipino and German lineage.  A donor with similar ethnicity may be the ONE who can “match” and save a young woman’s life.  Donors of Asian and mixed ancestry are in dire shortage.

Pia, there can be no more noble an effort to take up than marrow donor recruitment!  A gift of a few stem cells from one to another.  Simple and profound.  Much simpler for the donor than in the past and so vital and life giving for the patient!!!

What a timely and fitting opportunity for you and the Miss Universe organization.  Personal and compelling.  Personal, in the sweet kinship between you and patients like Tracy.  And compelling, in the moving stories of those who search for, and who have found, their hero donors.  This is a natural “match”!  PIA and BE THE MATCH!

Salamat and God bless from mom with a dream!

#MissUniverse2015                                                                     #MissUniverseSavingTracy                                         #ConfidentlyBeautifulWithAHeart                                                                 #BeTheMatch


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