More than one year has passed since we began the search for Tracy’s marrow “match” for her to survive blood cancer.   There have been two close calls, so we know that something GOOD is coming soon in 2016 !!  And that something may have international connections.

You may have seen this.  Beautiful Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, has won the crown and sash of Miss Universe in a suspenseful pageant contest.   It happens that Tracy shares something lovely and exquisite with Pia Alonzo.  Not only are they both gorgeous, but they share their mixed Filipino and German lineage.   Like kindred sisters.   Like marrow mates?

Hereby begins an effort to catch onto the star of Miss Universe and her team and invite their help.

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, would you kindly consider joining BeTheMatch.org and becoming a potential donor for your sister, Tracy Jalbuena?  Or for someone else waiting for a match? AND, no less importantly, would you take up the cause of marrow donor recruitment for Asian Americans and mixed minority patients who are desperate for a cure.

Miss Universe, you have a special ability, by virtue of your beautifully blended ancestry and your international platform, TO. SAVE. LIVES.  What a privilege and an honor.  If you choose to take it.   We have faith that if only our Fil AM compatriots knew of the severe shortage of marrow donors for brothers and sisters in need, they would respond in great numbers.  Pia, that power is within your reach.  The media are waiting for your ideas. A platform of marrow donor recruitment and saving lives!  Personal and compelling!

Okay, readers, here is where you can help.  Please share our appeal to Miss Universe over all social media outlets.  Please use these hashtags freely:

#PiaSavingTracy  #PiaWillYouBeTheMatch  #MissUniverseWillYouBeTheMatch  #MissUniverseWillYouBeTheMatch






  1. Here’s a sample tweet I just sent. Might want to try the more generic hashtags to get more eyes on it.
    @MissUniverse Doctor in need of bone marrow transplant needs your help! https://marrowme.wordpress.com/2015/12/22/miss-universe-saving-tracy/ #MissUniverse2015 #MissPhilippines


  2. THANK YOU, Ana for the tip!! You are an angel. Merry Christmas!


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