Tracy’s brother, Tony, adores his sister and would do anything for her.  He is not able to be tested as a donor for her, so his friends at FRONTIER COMMUNITY SERVICES and PIONEER CENTER are once again stepping up to his side.  Tony Jalbuena, you are the honorary captain of this event for your sister!




Friends, age 18-44, please stop in for 15 minutes for a quick cheek swab.  That’s all it takes to get on the donor list of the National Marrow Registry!  Free, easy & AWESOME!

We may not find a “match” for Tracy on Wednesday, but we WILL help someone somewhere! In turn, there are donor drives going on all around the country where our Filipino American country mates are joining the registry each and every day.  Who knows?  Maybe Tracy’s life saving match will be swabbing in California or New Jersey or Chicago this Wednesday!!

Tony has a very special relationship with his teachers, coaches and caregivers. Imagine what a precious gift it would be if a life is saved because of this loving bond.

Want to learn more?                                                                       Can’t make it to the drive?  > join

Blessings from our family to yours!



One response to “SIBLING LOVE

  1. Hi Tracey, you probably don’t remember me but my best friend is Toni Trainer Bonner. I stumbled upon your journey on Facebook and wanted to let you know that I live in San Diego and have worked for many years with university of California San Diego and have contacts at the bone marrow transplant program. Please reach out to me if I can help. 7605793444.

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