US Military “SALUTE to LIFE” Joins the Search!

The campaign to find a matching marrow donor, a marrow mate, for Tracy has reached out to the US Armed Services.   “Salute to Life” is the Department of Defense agency which recruits marrow donors from among military members.  It feeds into the National Marrow Donor Program just as BE THE MATCH and a number of specialized recruitment groups do.  Salute to Life has a very active calendar of continuous donor recruitment drives on US bases around the world!   Check out their FB page!  A hearty salute to “Salute to Life”!

Matt Dresbach, a family friend and Chillicothe native, is working with Salute to Life on a big drive at Fort Bliss, Texas, for his battalion of 5,000 young women and men, many of whom have diverse ethnic backgrounds.   Our national data base of potential donors is sorely lacking people of ethnic and mixed heritage. Many children with leukemia and other blood diseases wait for a match from someone with a similar ethnic lineage.  We will never know the lives that may be saved as a result of the generosity of the soldiers at Fort Bliss!!  What we do know is that Matt is amazingly kind and generous to do this on behalf of Tracy. It is easy to understand why he has earned the respect of those with whom he works.  There are no words to adequately thank Matt, his superiors and his battalion members for this effort, except to extend a wholehearted salute to Fort Bliss and to Matthew Dresbach!


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  1. termakasih infonya, visit blog dofollow saya juga ya gan 🙂 , Abeje


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