The search for Tracy’s match, her marrow donor, for treatment of blood cancer has been going on for how long?  283 days!

There is NO ONE currently registered with who can save her life with a donation of healthy marrow stem cells!  We wait prayerfully for that specially blessed person of Fil Am lineage who will step forward to take part in a miracle.  Would you like to know if it is you?  BE THE MATCH has the answer.

Tracy’s brother and sister are distraught that neither of them match closely enough to rescue their sister whom they adore!!  BUT … Dan and Amy are on the donor list at BE THE MATCH and stand ready to donate to YOUR sister, child, brother or mother if they desperately need a cure one day!  You see, there is a real scarcity of 100% Filipinos, Fil Am mixed, and Asian people in general, in the data base of BE THE MATCH.

We fervently pray for that one-in-11-million “match” for Tracy.  Meanwhile, Dan and Amy would consider it an honor and a privilege to save another’s life and are ready to receive that call!

Filipino families in America can bond together as one family and encourage our young people, ages 18-44, to become marrow donors for the love of our compatriots!

We know that our heavenly Father created us to care for and love one another.

Salamat and God bless.




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