So Unique it’s Killing Her: Tracy hits Today to find a Marrow Match

Big, big thanks go out to science writer Linda Carroll of the Today Show for sharing Tracy’s story of multiple myeloma without a match:

“Until she hit 40, Dr. Tracy Jalbuena was one of the fortunate few who seem to have it all. She had a husband she loved, two healthy children, the perfect job and a house in an idyllic spot in Maine.

‘My husband and I used to joke that in a movie, this is the part where the couple discovers they’ve moved into a house built on top of a cemetery and all hell breaks loose,’ Jalbuena, now 43, says. ‘And then it did.'”

Tracy’s been on chemotherapy for 11 months now and she’s done a great job of toughing it out, but at some point the chemotherapy will fail — with its rapidly evolving cancer cell lines, that’s just how multiple myeloma works.

What Tracy and thousands like her around the world are hoping for is a cure that comes with the donation of bone marrow stem cells from another person who shares her genetic type.  You could be the one who saves Tracy’s life or someone else. Get tested today to see if you’re the match — testing is free, painless and  confidential.  Visit to get started.


2 responses to “So Unique it’s Killing Her: Tracy hits Today to find a Marrow Match

  1. Claudia Yepez

    My name is Claudia Yepez and I live in Bolivia. I am a OBGYN medic for 16 years and y know how dificult it is if you don´t have a match. My father had glomerulonefitis and because he was from japanese and juwish descent we didn´t find a kidney. And the population of Bolivia at that time was only 7 million in all the country. I am also of mix race, because my mother is Syrian Christian Orthodox descent and I think of juwish also. If it worth. I can give a sample. You never know. And I have visa to the USA. Your story touched my heart.


    • jalapeno12014

      Dear Claudia,
      Thank you for your kind concern and your offer to help. I am so sorry that your father did not have a kidney donor when he desperately needed one. It is heart-breaking! We wish very much that you could be tested for Tracy or for someone else in great need. Unfortunately, only residents of the US and of some European countries are affiliated with the US Marrow Donor Program and can donate stem cells/marrow to a patient in the US. The Philippines does not even have a donor program of its own.

      Maybe Bolivia has a donor registry which you can join by giving a sample. You might be a life saver for a country mate!

      We truly appreciate your compassion and kindness for a stranger who needs help!!

      Tracy’s mother, Kathryn Jalbuena


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