Upbeat young woman, Filipina/Caucasian, living a joyful life

With devoted husband and two sparkly children in tow

Professional (ER doc), enjoys reading, writing, knitting, light gardening  🙂

Currently on chemotherapy for blood cancer

Once enjoyed working, skiing, traveling, hiking, camping  😦

Waiting, waiting for a matching stem cell donor, a marrow mate

Who will marrow me ?


Urgently seeking a kindred mate, also Filipina/Filipino/Caucasian

Someone who has heart and generosity to spare

Who is willing to come to the aid of a sister with blood cancer

Who lives by the Golden Rule … Do unto others …

Someone whose guiding principle in life is to love, to give

Who would eagerly donate a bit of stem cells/marrow

Prefer age 18-60, healthy

Are you the ONE?



BE THE MATCH ~~ easy, quick, free* & AWESOME!

*Age 18-44 free, age 45-61 small cost

Go to bethematch.org and get on the donor list, save the life of Tracy Jalbuena or someone else in need!





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