Springtime Thoughts from Mom

This time of year is so full of hope for new beginnings.  Our cherished daughter awaits a promise of new beginnings.

It is graduation time ~~ high school and college.  I’ve been thinking about graduation and how it is an exciting step into adulthood.   My plea is for all new graduates to consider becoming marrow donors.    It is a profound promise that a young person just starting out can make to their sisters and brothers in need. It would mark an important contribution for a new graduate , a notch on the log of accomplishments.,  a way to say, “Here I am, world, ready to help!”, an exquisite way to pay it forward!  

All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse. Just go to bethematch.org, fill out a form and receive a free home cheek swab kit by mail.    Transplant teams are scanning the data bank of the National Registry for a match for their patient   When a match is found it is AWESOME for both donor and recipient!

There is a day in the spring when all US medical school graduates find out where they will be doing residency for their chosen field.  It is called “Match Day”.  On that day, you would think that these brand new, promising physicians had each won the mega lottery!  What a celebration it is!  Cheers all around!  We long for our “Match Day”.  Someone, somewhere can make it happen.

Tracy’s marrow mate, her match, will most likely be Filipino American.  Are you or is someone you know that one person who can save her life?   Wouldn’t you want to know?  Would you not try to rescue someone in distress on the street?  At the pool?  On campus?

Our family would be honored for people, age 18-44, of any lineage, to join those already on the donor list of our National Registry.  With a mother’s heavy heart, I fervently ask that 100% Filipinos and  mixed Filipino Americans help their fellow Pinoy guys and gals who urgently need a stem cell marrow transplant because of blood cancer.   You might be a MATCH!  It might be a small child with leukemia or someone your exact age.  It might be someone in your own family one day.  It might even be my precious daughter!

Salamat and God bless us, each and every one!


2 responses to “Springtime Thoughts from Mom

  1. Look for people in the comments section! Many Filipino people are commenting!


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