Mother’s Day Thoughts from Mom

This year, more than any other, I wish for a special gift.  No, it is not jewelry or flowers.  The perfect gift for this mom is a marrow donor for my “matchless” daughter.  Any mother would want this gift if it was the one thing that could keep her family circle whole.

I appeal to moms of my generation who are reading this.  Would you kindly encourage your kids, age 18-44,  to sign up at to be marrow donors?  The Jalbuena-Cook family would be honored if young people of any and all backgrounds signed up as a way of supporting our effort to increase the chances of a life saving match for anyone!  A Mother’s Day gift for all moms!

BE THE MATCH ~~ online, quick, free, simple and AWESOME!

Tracy’s matching donor will most likely have Filipino/European American lineage.  If you or someone you know has similar ethnicity, you might be able to save a life and not even know it!  Wouldn’t you want to know?   It’s easy to find out.  Go to and get on the donor list!

This mom is waiting …  prayerfully …


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