Thoughts from Mom

The Webster definition of marrow is “the inmost, best or essential part”. Is it any wonder that the “best, essential part” of oneself, a bit of marrow and stem cells, can be life giving?

Right now, transplant teams around the country are scanning the National Marrow data base for matches for their patients who are waiting. Tracy is one of those patients. Are you, or is someone you know, that one person who can give a bit of yourself?

Who would have thought that the beautifully blended heritage of our precious daughter would one day limit her very life? Filipino Americans have a unique ability, by virtue of their proud Pinoy tradition, to take part in a miracle and help find a match, a marrow mate, for a sister or brother. Our Filipino American compatriots are the most charitable and kindhearted people. We have faith that if only they knew of the need for marrow donors, they would respond in great numbers.

This mom will not give up! I am waging the Mother of All Marrow Drives. BE THE MATCH, get ready for a flood of new Asian American donors!


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