Is there a Bone Marrow Drive Near You? (April 2015)

Thanks to the Be the Match Foundation, it’s possible to be anywhere in the United States and sign up for a cheek swab kit online that you can return in the mail.  Your cheek swab sample (really no more than a few Q-tips!) will be analyzed to identify your HLA tissue type.  If that tissue type matches the type of someone in need — congratulations!  You get to save a life.

However, just like a music concert offers so much more than listening to a CD, there’s really nothing like the experience of being at a donor drive.  There will be experts there able to answer your questions.  Sometimes you get to meet the people who need your help.  Best of all, you get to see your fellow human beings coming out in droves to help people they’ve never met.  What a feeling it is to see that kind of giving spirit!

There are bone marrow registry events happening across the country every month.  Here’s what’s going on in April 2015:

California: A3M is hosting a huge range of drives across the state.  Click here for details on the following drives:

  • Long Beach: April 25
  • Los Angeles: April 8, 9, 14, 16, 18, 19 and 27
  • Fullerton: April 8, 12, 21, 22 and 23
  • Irvine: April 11 and 26
  • Monterey Park: April 13, 14 and 15
  • Norwalk: April 13, 14, 15 and 16
  • Santa Monica: April 24
  • Signal Hill: April 18
  • Woodland Hills: April 21

Atlanta, GA: Bone Marrow Drive April 7-9 and Marrow Donor Drive & 5K Run, April 25

Bedford Park, IL: Marrow Donor Drive April 8 & 10

Bridgeport, CT: Marrow Donor Drive April 29-30

Bronx, NY: Marrow Donor Drive April 23

Central Islip, NY: Marrow Donor Drive April 16

Chicago, IL: Marrow Donor Drive April 8, Marrow Donor Drive April 9, Marrow Donor Drive & 5K Run, April 11, Marrow Donor Drive April 25 & Marrow Donor Drive April 29

Country Club Hills, IL: Get Swabbed With Nina Beck, April 11

Columbus, GA: Game, Set, Be The Match Donor Drive, Tennis and Mixer, April 11

Crossing, MA: Bone Marrow Drive, April 8

Evanston, IL: Bone Marrow Drive, April 19

East Stroudsburg, PA: Bone Marrow Donor Drive April 16

Fairfield, CT: Marrow Donor Drive, April 17

Fayetteville, NC: Marrow Drive at the Bronco Bowl, April 11

Geneva, FL: Bone Marrow Drive & 5K Run, April 11

Jersey City, NJ: Bone Marrow Donor Drive, April 17

Las Vegas, NV: Marrowthon Donor Drive & 5K Run, April 11

Maynard, MA: Marrow Donor Drive, April  12

Melrose Park, IL: Marrow Donor Drive, April 13

Miami, FL: Bone Marrow Drive April 7-8, Bone Marrow Drive April 26

Monroeville, PA: Bone Marrow Donor Drive April 13

Newark, NJ: Bone Marrow Donor Drive April 14-15

New Providence, NJ: Bone Marrow Donor Drive April 24

New York City, NY: Bone Marrow Drive at The Maze, April 9 & Bone Marrow Drive April 13-14

Philadelphia, PA: Marrow Donor Drive April 14-15 & Marrow Donor Drive & 5K Run, April 18

Pines, FL: Bone Marrow Drive April 9

Portage, IL: Bone Marrow Drive, April 16

Portland, ME: Bone Marrow Drive by Student Nurses’ Association, April 23

Pratt, KS: Bone Marrow Drive, April 14

San Jose, CA: Marrow Donor Drive & 5K Run, April 18

Springfield, MA: Marrow Donor Drive, April 29

Spring Lake, NJ: MarrowDrive, Ladies’ Night @ Commonwealth, April 23

Do you know of any more events?  Post a comment and spread the word!


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