PenBay and Adena Donor Drives

Two days ago there was a stem cell donor drive here at PenBay.  We had a local representative of Be The Match with us, and we signed up just over 20 people to the registry.  Thank you to everyone who helped!

Yesterday there was a stem cell donor drive at Adena Medical Center in my hometown, Chillicothe, Ohio.  This was organized by my amazing mother.  You might remember that she helped organize my sister’s wedding two years ago.  It turns out she is a wicked good event planner!  The Adena drive was a smashing success.  My entire family was there swabbing people, and a representative from Be The Match was there as well.  The bigwigs of the medical center did ceremonial swabbing.  These are my Dad’s old stomping grounds, so Mom assigned him to the greeting table, and he socialized with his old colleagues all day long.  Mom said there were nurses from the OR who said things like, “Dr. Jalbuena!!!  When are you coming back?!”  They signed up just over 100 people.  Mom called me afterward full of spirit, love and joy at the connections she made and reaffirmed there.  Thank you so much to everyone who worked on this!

A reporter from the NBC affiliate in Columbus was there as well, and they aired quite a long piece on the 11 o’clock news last night.  You can watch it through this link.

Next up: donor drive at the James Cancer Center, Ohio State University Medical Center, Thursday, February 5th, 11am to 6pm.  Amazing and thank you!


2 responses to “PenBay and Adena Donor Drives

  1. Wanted to reserve the sparkly lighted wedding dance floor for marrow drives, but people around me were frowning.


  2. You definitely have an amazing mother. Hugs to you Tracy.


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