Another Drive – Penbay Medical Center

There will be a blood drive at Penobscot Bay Medical Center, and a Be The Match representative will be there!  He will be able to do about 30 cheek swabs, and then if he runs out, he will be able to get you signed up to get a swab kit in the mail.

Date: January 29th

Time: 9am-3pm

Location: Penobscot Bay Medical Center Physician’s Building, Library Conference Room


5 responses to “Another Drive – Penbay Medical Center

  1. Hi there! I would love to run whatever tests needed to see if I could be a lucky donor…however, I am unable to make the cheek swab event the 29th due to work. If there’s a way to go in to pbmc to have a swab done another time, I would love to do so! is how I can be reached at anytime!


  2. Andres A. Verzosa

    Dear Tracy,
    My good friend Dozier Bell has forwarded me a link to your story.
    My mother is Irish and my father was from the Philippines and was part Filipino, Chinese and Spanish much like your own heritage.
    I would be glad to do the donor cheek swab test to see if I would be a suitable match for you but I live in Newington, Connecticut (I formerly lived in Portland Maine). Please let me know how I may be able to help you.
    Wishing you all the luck finding a suitable donor match.
    Most sincerely,

    Andres Azucena Verzosa


    • Andres,

      Hi and thank you so much for writing! This is Tracy’s husband James. You definitely don’t have to live in the same place as Tracy to be a donor — you can be in a completely different city or state. The process can be completed by people who are living in very different places — there’s even a donor drive on behalf of Tracy being organized in Hawaii right now! The key thing to do is to go to (or go to a local in-person donor drive) and ask for a no-cost swab kit to be mailed to you at home.

      Again, thanks!


  3. I’m unlikely to be of help this time but thinking of an age range to do this,..know very little but would like to help anyone if possible. KEN


  4. Thank you so much for your interest everyone! The easiest way to see if you can get on the registry is to go to the website for Be The Match here at this link. The website will take you through a health questionnaire to see if you meet the health guidelines to be a donor. If you are between the ages 18 and 44, Be The Match pays the $100 cost to add a person to the registry for you, in order to encourage young people to join the registry. If you are between the ages 45 and 60, you will need to cover the $100 cost yourself. Be The Match will send you a cheek swab kit in the mail, and then you can send it back in the mail.


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