Mom’s Thoughts for Today

I am a mom with a heavy heart.  Who would have thought that my daughter’s beautifully blended heritage would someday limit her very life?  You see, Tracy has Filipino, Spanish and Chinese lineage on her dad’s side and Irish and German on mine.  A stem cell transplant is possible only when a matching donor of similar ethnicity is found.

In my mother’s heart, I know that most people would save Tracy’s life in a minute by … stopping at the scene of an accident she was involved in … or calling 911 … or rescuing  her from drowning … or waiting by her side for an ambulance. Where are the young people who could save her life by simply clicking on and making a commitment to donate stem cells?

Imaging this.  Tracy has faulty stem cells which will surely end her life much too early.  Her hero has has newly formed, vibrant and easily replaced stem cells. The only thing needed to complete this picture is for that hero to say, “I can do that.  I will do that!”.

Join us in this fight. Be the Match.


One response to “Mom’s Thoughts for Today

  1. Tracy I feel so bad to know your cancer is back. I used to bet sit for you a few years ago and we last talked at the dog park last year and you were telling me what you had gone through and we thought you were ok. Now I hear it’s back. My thoughts are with you and your family. Hang in there Tracy…….Cheryl Smith Coastal Pet Sitting Service


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