Biographical Video from Tracy Jalbuena and her Family — Cure Her Cancer, Be the Match!

Watch this short biographical video to learn a little more about emergency room doctor and multiple myeloma patient Tracy Jalbuena:

Thank you so much to Numeriano Jalbuena, Kathy Jalbuena and Amy Jalbuena — Tracy’s father, mother and sister — for telling their family stories as part of this video. Tracy is a strong part of so many people’s lives. She’s been there for others — now it’s time for us to come together for her.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 44, the prime age for healthy donors, please consider visiting this page to sign up for the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry. It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s free — and you could save Tracy’s life.

If you aren’t in the age range for bone marrow stem cell donors, would you consider spreading the word? Send an e-mail to friends. Post a link on Facebook. Let the young people in your life know that they can make a difference — and that even if they aren’t a match for Tracy, they may be a match for someone else in need. Thanks.


7 responses to “Biographical Video from Tracy Jalbuena and her Family — Cure Her Cancer, Be the Match!

  1. I worked with Tracey’s father many years ago, so I am too old to be a donor, but wish I weren’t. I had been on the list for many years and encourage all who can to register—PLEASE. My prayers go out to the family that their request will reach that perfect match.


  2. Hello, I am not of age I wish I am on my prime age. I wanted to know if we are related. My father was born in Iloilo. His father is Julio Jalbuena. I guess just excited to know I have a relative here in the US. Please let me know if you would like to also get to know me.
    I hope you will find a donor. I’ll pray that you do.

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    • Hello Lisa. Thank you for writing on Tracy’s website and supporting her. You inquired about your relationship to Tracy. I am Tracy’s father, Numeriano Jalbuena, Jr.. Her grandfather, Dr. Numeriano Jalbuena, Sr., was born in Jaro, Iloilo City and practiced medicine in Ma-asin until 1986. I understand that my father was a distant cousin of Jesus Jalbuena. I was familiar with Joe Jalbuena, my father’s cousin, who was a dentist from Pavia. It is possible that they were related to your father. Joe had a brother named Mike who was also a dentist. Mike has a son who is married to a cardiologist in Iloilo City who is now taking care of my younger brother, Fred. I myself am a retired urologist in Chillicothe Ohio. I have not followed up on our relatives in Iloilo since I came to the US in 1968. We would very much like to know you, too. Thanks again for your prayers. Here is our email address:

      Tracy’s Dad


    • Lisa,

      Thanks for writing in! It’s wonderful to hear from other members of the Jalbuena diaspora! If you have any nieces or nephews who are of age to donate, please let them know about this effort. Even if they’re not a match for Tracy, they could be a match for someone else just as special.

      James, Tracy’s husband


  3. This was sent to me by my uncle, Louis Faustino. I am German, Filipino and Irish but am 45. Oh no! Willing to help though.


    • Hi Trina. This is Tracy’s mom, Kathy. Thank you so much for responding and wanting to help! Your lineage mirrors Tracy’s ~~ maybe you and her match! People age 18-44 are priority donors and there is no cost to them as BE THE MATCH covers the cost of their testing. People age 45- 60 can still register with online for a fee of $100. The age limitation is partly because of financial reasons and also to ensure a successful transplant using the healthiest stem cells. Salamat and God bless you.


  4. Hi Trina! Thanks for writing into the website. I am sure that if my doctors at Dana Farber saw a healthy 45 year old woman who was a perfect match for me, we would go for it, even though you are technically older than the 18-44 age preference! So, thank you so much for considering joining the registry at



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